Being a single, divorced, and/or widowed woman you have stress that many people don’t understand.  At Latitude Financial Group, we take tremendous pride in our work with our single, divorced, and widowed female clients. Schedule a free “Sounding Board/2nd Opinion Consultation” [hyperlink to oncehub calendar].  Working closely together, our goal is to provide clarity regarding your financial circumstances and opportunities, and guide you through the myriad decisions you face. We utilize a holistic planning process that starts with identifying your current needs, your fears, and your goals. From there, we provide guidance surrounding specific concerns of yours; such as:

      • What are my spousal social security benefits?
      • How do I handle the investments I’m receiving by virtue of the QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order)
      • How do I initiate and do what’s best with life insurance settlements I am entitled to receive?
      • What does estate planning look like for single, divorced, or single women?
      • Without a spouse, is there a way to create a guaranteed income stream?  Can I create my own personal pension plan?
      • As a single, divorced, and/or widowed woman, how important is long-term care insurance?
      • What should I do with Inherited accounts?


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