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We work with a wide range of professionals, from physicians and veterinarians to engineers, attorneys, CPAs, and corporate executives. Regardless of their industry, many face a similar situation. After spending a number of years focused on advancing their education and building their career, they often have fallen behind on their financial planning. They find themselves in a unique situation where they are balancing a new increase in their income with student loans. The average graduate student owes $57,600, while one-fourth of graduate students borrow nearly $100,000.1 Among medical school students, the average debt is $170,000.2

Debt Management & Cash Flow Analysis

Managing debt while also building wealth can prove challenging without a financial strategy. If you are concerned with growing your family and career while also paying off debt and building up your savings, we can help with cash flow analysis, debt analysis, consolidation guidance, and budgeting. We develop debt management tactics designed to improve your cash flow, which may include refinancing, consolidation, or changes in tax withholding. The ultimate goal is to help you pay off debt while still maintaining a healthy cash flow. From there, we can create a financial strategy for the future and help you stay on track.

Benefits & Retirement Plan Optimization

We can also help you navigate the complex world of benefits and retirement plans. Executive compensation packages and employee benefit plans offered through your employer are a great way to save for retirement. However, you may not know how to best select your options, maximize contributions, and integrate your employee benefits into your personal financial strategies. We can help you answer questions you may have, and create a customized strategy designed to maximize the financial options available to you through your employer.

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