Scott Cody, MBA, CFS® CFPA

Scott Cody, MBA, CFS® CFPA


Scott Cody is a partner with Latitude Financial Group and a financial advisor having guided clients through two decades and three recessions of experience in the financial services industry. When it comes to financial planning there is no silver bullet; yet many people do nothing, which may be the worst option. His goal is to help set his clients on a financial path designed to guide them toward their objectives. He strives to be a good listener and straight forward communicator which he believes are critical attributes when working with people.  As an independent advisor, he enjoys having the freedom to choose from a wide range of products and services without conflict.

Scott received his Master of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing from Alfred University. As a Certified Fund Specialist® (CFS®), he has in-depth knowledge of various investments, as well as fund analysis and selection, asset allocation, and portfolio construction. As a result, he is well-versed in developing comprehensive investment strategies for risk management, taxes, and estate planning.

While hailing from Rochester, New York, Scott has called Colorado home since 2001. 

His favorite sports teams are:  Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, & Colorado Avalanche

His favorite past times are:  Any iron sport; Cross Fit, Strength training, Strongman, Golf, & Range shooting

His favorite adult beverage is:  Whiskey & coke or Rye & Ginger ale

Favorite dessert; cake or pie - Cake for sure

His favorite vacation spots:  Most warm weather places