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Single, Divorced, and Widowed

Whether it’s due to a divorce or widowhood, finding yourself suddenly single can cause significant stress. Not only are you faced with a number of emotions, but you also must adjust to a new financial situation. At Latitude Financial Group, we work with a number of single, divorced, and widowed clients, many of whom are women. Often, these individuals are worried about what the future may hold. Afraid of making a bad decision, they hesitate to make any decisions, which can be just as detrimental.

Working closely with these clients, our goal is to provide clarity regarding their financial circumstances and opportunities, and guide them through the myriad decisions they face. We utilize a holistic planning process that starts with identifying their current needs, their fears, and their goals. From there, we incorporate a number of financial planning services - from retirement to estate planning - and investment strategies to create a cohesive roadmap designed to connect today’s circumstances with tomorrow’s dreams.

Throughout this process, we serve as a guide, offering ongoing support and education, and traveling alongside clients on their path. We seek to instill confidence and empower them to take an active role in their financial strategies.