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Mom’s Me-Time: Five Mother’s Day Gifts to Restore and Rejuvenate the Mom in Your Life

| May 02, 2016
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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up. Don’t forget. Tie a piece of string around your pinky finger if you have to.

It’s a big day—a day that celebrates a mother’s love AND a day that shows her how much you love her.

So what’s your “present” plan?

Call her? Good start!

Send a card? Absolutely! (And, make sure to write something meaningful.)

Hug? YES.

Flowers? Maybe.

Brunch at her favorite restaurant? Possibly…although you probably did that last year and the year before.

What if, this year, instead of the same old, same old, you think outside the box? What if, this year, you get her something that most mothers, especially those of young children, actually lack?

Give her the gift of time!

Moms are ALWAYS running, always going, always juggling. They are constantly multitasking, constantly caring for others. You may think of them as “Energizer Bunnies” but even a bunny needs her battery charged every once in a while. Mother’s Day can be that day.

Give the gift of me-time this Mother’s Day.

Give her the time to enjoy a kid-free moment or two, the time to indulge in some much-deserved self-care, the time to replenish her depleted energy reserves, and of course the time to be pampered too.

Below are FIVE thoughtful me-time gifts. These gifts are sure to give her the time she needs to restore and rejuvenate while leaving her feeling just a tiny bit spoiled and a whole lot of cared for :-)

  1. Mani / Pedi – Getting your nails and toes done is one of the most relaxing things you can do. To many women, it is heaven in a nail polish bottle. There is a nail shop on almost every corner. Get her a gift certificate to her favorite salon or check out Groupon for deep discounts to new favorite places.
  1. Spa Day – Treat her to a day at the spa. Get her a deep tissue massage, a mud wrap or facial. Spa days are quiet, calming and restorative. Coordinate with a buddy and send both your wives off for the ultimate in luxurious pampering.

Go Organic and Have it Delivered – Cooking to clean up can take anywhere from 30 – 120 minutes depending on what you’re making, how much help you have and is also completely dependent on the needs, wants, and temper tantrums of your 5-year-old. Have you heard about healthy meals that come in a box? Choose your meals, side dishes and even desserts online and then watch them miraculously show up at your front door. There are a bunch of options. For companies locally owned and operated in Boulder, Colorado, check out and

  1. Spring Cleaning – Spring is here and with it the itch (for many women) to purge, tidy and scrub the dregs of winter away. The house needs it. The garden needs it. The garage needs it. How about hiring a maid service to deep clean the house or a gardener to clean the garden beds getting them ready for planting? Spring-cleaning is also about cleaning out the clutter. A professional organizer can help her there. Free up mom by hiring some elbow grease.
  1. “Do not disturb" sign – This is the perfect art-project to surprise mom with. Help your little ones make her a “do not disturb” sign—a fun, bright, glittery placard she can hang on the bathroom door while taking a bath or on the bedroom door while taking a nap or even around her neck as she settles in to catch up on her favorite TV show. A sign to serve as a reminder to children everywhere that mom needs privacy and time-out time too.

 A couple of footnotes:

  1. She may balk. She may say that all she wants to do is spend time with you and the kids. Family time is what fills her. And she’s right. It does. And yes, she still needs me-time. Average American moms only have about 36 minutes a day to themselves. That leaves 1404 minutes for everyone else. Kind of lopsided, don’t you think?
  2. Me-time is not only for young moms but will be forever appreciated by your mom, your wife’s mom, and your grandma. Get the picture? Me-time is a great gift no matter the mom.

 Have a wonderful Mother’s Day treating your Mom to some me-time. She deserves it!

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